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Sports Medicine

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Ice bags, pre and postgame stretches, water coolers, and ankle tapings are prominent in the room. On the outside looking in, the sports medicine departments at any college or university appear the same. The staff members work to provide quality care for student-athletes in the prevention and eventual treatment of injuries.

So what makes the Berry College Sports Medicine Department different?

Believing in a purpose bigger than themselves, the BC Sports Medicine Department considers the iconic head, heart and hands of Martha Berry in every thing they do. Grounded in their four pillars of integrity, compassion, service and unity, the team puts their student-athletes first; no matter what.

The department is unique in several ways. Not only is it staffed with some of the top doctors in the Rome area, but both Berry undergraduate and graduate students also work in the Sports Medicine Department, connecting with their peers and fellow teammates on a deeper level than most adults ever could.

"We care about our athletes' physical well-being, but we care about them emotionally too," Brooke Mackelburg, a student training room supervisor, said. "We know and understand how tough it is for them to be in a situation where they have to sit out of practices and games, and we want to help them as much as we possibly can."

Any student-athlete's career can change in a second. One wrong jump, twist or explosive movement can end their season. Traumatic injuries, such as ACL or meniscus tears, sideline many college athletes each year, leading to months of emotional and physical pain and rehab with their sports medicine department.

The Berry College sports medicine department works closely with these injured athletes throughout every step of their long, exhausting and painful recovery processes, working towards an ultimate purpose beyond themselves.

"After surgery is when we really take over for the rehab," Shelby Smith, a program director and Berry College student, said. "Once a student-athlete is cleared, they usually come in three to four times a week to work on range of motion and strength in the injured body part. We look out for our athletes emotionally and mentally during this process as well, advancing them through rehab at their own pace."

"Recovery can last for months for these student athletes," Ginger Swann, Director of the Sports Medicine Department, said. "It is easy to get down when they are not playing and contributing to their teams. Spending time explaining details of the rehab can help ease fears for our athletes. Setting goals, short and long term, can help them stay motivated as they see small progressions over time."

Swann believes that more than just a surface level relationship with the athletes is vital in helping them rebound from tough injuries.

"Building authentic relationships with our student-athletes is a huge part of being able to establish a trusting relationship which is necessary for an optimal experience for our athletes," Swann said. "We hope to focus on who the athletes are in order that we can learn how to best serve them."

With compassionate athletic trainers and student workers—along with encouraging teammates—student-athletes have all the support they need to make full recoveries. The assistance offered from the athletes' large support systems not only help the athletes get back to action but also enables them to come back stronger than before, more passionate than ever.

The Berry Sports Medicine Mission Statement reads:

Believing in a purpose bigger than ourselves, the Berry College Sports Medicine Department labors to care for the student-athletes and the Berry community with a mind of integrity, a heart of compassions, hands of service and in a spirit of unity.

Berry Sports Medicine Staff

Sports Medicine

Ginger Swann

Assistant AD, Sports Medicine / Senior Woman Administrator

Phone: (706) 368-6330

Brandon Williamson

Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: (706) 368-6331

Jessica Howard

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: (706) 368-6335

Kat Duncanson

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: (706) 368-6360

Josh Dollahite

Assistant Athletic Trainer

Phone: (706) 368-5630

Ilse Ballard

Graduate Assistant

Phone: (706) 368-6335

Lindsey Ford

Graduate Assistant

Phone: (706) 368-6335