Berry College National Champions

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1998 Men's Golf
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Berry College has won three NAIA national championships in women's soccer (1987, 1990 and 1993), one national title in women's basketball (AIAW/1976), one national crown in NAIA men's golf (1998), and three western national championships in equestrian (IHSA/2011, 2015 and 2016).

In addition, Berry student-athletes Michelle Abernathy (marathon, 1999), Caio Soares (3,000 meter race-walk, 2004), Michelle Tuggle (high jump, 1984) and Nicole Wildes (women's golf, 2004) have all won individual national championships. In 2012, Kristin Brennan was the individual novice flat champion in equestrian. Western equestrian had two individuals win national crowns in 2015. Mariel Wrench was first in Novice Horsemanship and in Intermediate Horsemanship Berry's Amanda Petersen prevailed. At the 2017 IHSA Nationals, Allie Robertson won Intermediate Horsemanship with teammate Emily Lambert taking the top spot in individual Beginner Horsemanship.